Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy howdy, am I glad that dress fit.

It's more of a reason than an excuse, but Excuse #3: Your parents got married, so now you're legit! We got hitched on June 25th, and anyone who has ever planned any sort of substantial event (by themselves or otherwise) will know that it is a genuinely all-consuming task. Compound that with the fact that the school year ended the week prior to the wedding, as well as the ongoing impact of excuse #2 as well, and this may have been the most substantial distracting/excuse-generating factor.

I'll be a little brief, despite this being a massively important and significant event, so that I can move on to the entry I'm burning to write about sharing your existence with people. Basically, we worked our butts off for about a year to put together a wedding that was simultaneously practically affordable and creatively luxurious, and this meant a ton of hands-on work. While your father was definitely less involved in researching the minutiae (I probably clocked more hours on Etsy than on eating for a stretch of time), he did an almost startling amount of hands-on work on invitations, flowers, centerpieces, and other assorted paper goods. It was truly a team effort, and it felt amazing to finish things up and see a finished product that (to be perfectly modest and honest) kicked total ass.

It does bear mentioning, however, that I spent the almost six months prior to the wedding doing exactly what I promised myself I wouldn't do (and no, I'm not referring to getting knocked up). Television is doing a good job of convincing women that a pre-wedding diet is necessary, the internet is no help either, and even books are just making things worse. I was not crash- or fad-dieting, however: I was simultaneously trying to get ready for you by establishing (gasp! shock! recoil in surprise!) a balanced and healthy diet, and working to shed the few pounds that I needed to for (OMG!) the sake of being healthier. Sure, I knew it would be nice to slide perfectly into that dress, but I already knew it fit, so any actual weight loss was incidental to the benefit of being healthier. Then you came along, Batman. I dropped a nice chunk of weight before figuring out the whole morning sickness thing, then promptly began putting it back on when eating became a matter of finding something - anything - that I could stomach putting into my mouth. Sadly, some of my most reliable stand-bys included take-out burgers, pasta, bread, other pasta, different bread, and occasionally rice. Between you and the "eat basically anything" diet, it was a small miracle that my dress zipped.

Add to all that the fact that your Uncle Cameron and Aunt Julia were in town for three weeks after the wedding (and only left today, in fact), and this whole wedding rigamarole is easily the most pleasant of the three excuses for not writing more lately. Yay! Requisite wedding related update complete! You'll hear stories and see pictures aplenty, so let's move on to more specifically Batman-related matters.

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