Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holy digital imaging, Batman!

So, some combination of my weird internal clock (which seems to operate referencing a time system entirely of its own creation) and some erroneous schedule precipitated by said weird internal clock misinforming our midwives of your actual arrival date led to my getting an ultrasound which point you were exactly one millimeter shorter than you needed to be in order to get the screening we had gone in to get. Yeah, that's complicated, but apparently my having a kind of unpredictable internal cycle means that your due date could literally only have been determined by size, which could only be determined by ultrasound, which had to be scheduled before we had a completely accurate due date, although we'd already had an ultrasound to determine a more accurate due date, but that ultrasound happened half an hour AFTER scheduling the second ultrasound, so the original/inaccurate due date was used to schedule, so when we went in today, we basically just watched you wiggle around for ten minutes then rescheduled a third ultrasound for next week, when you will be the one millimeter longer that they need to do the screening we'd gone in for in the first place.


Confused yet, Batman? Me too. That's why we went out for fancy breakfast afterward. Mmm...eggs with feta, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and scallions: four things I've been craving like crazy, and I even got to steal some of your father's corned beef hash.

***Oh, hey, new readers: should you be joining us for the first time, I am not just speaking abstractly to a superhero out of hormone-induced madness. Batman is the nickname for the above pictured fetus, and you should totally go back and read more entries. It'll be fun, I promise.

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